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Our goal is to always educate our clients first. It is important to our team that you make informed decisions. When it comes to Airbnb’s in Orange County, we have all the answers you need and how it works exactly.


What is an Airbnb?

According to, it is a community built on sharing. “Airbnb began in 2008 when two designers who had space to share hosted three travelers looking for a place to stay.” Now, several years and millions of hosts later, Airbnb is here to stay! It’s a unique accommodation and definitely an option for many travelers across the world.

Airbnb and Orange County

"I want to be a Host"

If you’ve considered making an investment for an Airbnb, Orange County is the place to do it! Central Florida has so much to offer such as theme parks, the best food, nightlife, and more. If you want to consider becoming a host in this area, be sure to check Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) before you do anything. There are some guidelines in Orange County that may prevent you from becoming a host. In addition, it would be wise to speak with a local attorney or tax professional about having an Airbnb in Central Florida.

"How does it work?"
Did you know there isn’t just one way to have an Airbnb? For example, you can purchase a property and allow it to be solely for additional income by using it for an Airbnb. You can also continue living in the home and allow a room to be used for this purpose. Also, there are hosts now that provide an online experience where you don’t even have to leave your home. This option allows for virtual tours that help guests with uncertainty concerning Covid-19 and traveling.

"Orange County Zoned for Airbnb?"
What you should know about Orange County is that it isn’t zoned for Airbnb’s. The reason for that is the zoning laws in Orange County that prevents short-term rentals. Hopefully soon, Orange County will jump on board and participate in this new way to travel. Meanwhile, there are counties in the near vicinity that do allow Airbnb’s. Those counties are Polk and Osceola. They are both zoned for Airbnb, making it another option for you. Both counties are close enough to all the famous attractions located in Orlando.

"What's the Alternative?"

Likewise, there are some ways to still be able to host within Orange County. As of July 1, 2018, Orlando residents can list their home as “home-sharing.” The fine print: however, is that you are not able to rent out your entire property. There are homes that are being approved this way. If you are interested in registering your home to be a short-term rental and receiving a permit, you must meet the following requirements. Your home must be zoned as residential, less than half of your home can be rented out, the home must be your primary residence, you must be present during the host’s visit, and only one booking is allowed at a time. If you meet these requirements, you can complete the application here. In addition, sales tax must be collected which will need to be registered with Florida’s Department of Revenue due to it being accommodations for a transient rental.


Let’s Go! What Do I Do?



According to, there are 3 steps to how Airbnb works. First, you browse. You can look for homes that allows pets, early check-in, etc. For your search, you can apply filters to narrow the massive search down to what is needed for you. Secondly, you book. You can learn about the host, read reviews, check pricing, and learn about the cancellation process. With just a few clicks, you have your Airbnb! Thirdly, you’re ready to go! You can easily connect with your host using the app. You can get tips on how to explore the area, get questions answered or advice for your stay. In addition, you can also contact Airbnb at any time for additional support.

More You Should Know


County has recently started approving something called Apart-Hotels. What is that you may ask. Apart-hotels are apartment complexes that rent out several units to be used as short-term rentals on platforms such as Airbnb. You can find just a few of these already approved apart-hotels near Millenia, Orlando International Airport and downtown Orlando.


Before deciding to do anything, always check the local laws. For example, gives you more detailed information on zoning laws, land development code, building and housing standards, business registrations, owner-occupied home sharing, taxes, and other rules. As stated before, it’s always wise to consider consulting with an attorney who is local and/or a tax professional.


Covid 19



Airbnb’s are allowed to be fully operatable per Governor Ron DeSantis’ executive order. Hosts must follow certain rules and regulations to ensure visitor’s safety during their stay.

What’s Next?

The Real Deal Firm is set and ready to help you make any decisions. Whether it’s purchasing an investment property or something else, our real estate agents know Orange County and are willing to help you make an informed decision. We hope to hear from you soon!